Reviews and Essays

Reviews and Essays

‘Eccentric Geometric’

Review of the exhibition Eccentric Geometric at Arthouse1, London 4 – 29 May 2017, for Saturation Point, the online editorial and curatorial project for reductive, geometric and systems artists working in the UK.

‘The Experience of Colour: Astrazione Oggettiva’

Review of the exhibition The Experience of Colour: Astrazione Oggettiva at the Estorick Collection, London, 13 April – 31 July 2016, for Saturation Point.

Place is a defined Space

This MA dissertation discusses whether place is a defined space. It begins with Henri Lefebvre’s concept of the abstraction of space and determines how current landscape strategies facilitate this abstraction. In the abstraction and organisation of space, space and law are bound to each other. It questions that if movement is commanded by space, can space be read? The dissertation also discusses an object’s ‘technological aura‘, or ‘extended presence’, and questions how this presence effects an individual’s movement in space and perception of time. It also addresses the temporal aspects of place and concludes whether place is a defined space.

A Guide for Selecting a Park Bench

This research paper discusses the orientation and organisation of public space that is based upon an economic landscape strategy. It focuses upon three relevant spaces: the psychic realm, the space of direct experience and the space of the landscape.  The psychic realm is included since our personal orientation has its origin in childhood and the basic human need for security. This orientation develops in the space of direct experience by organising the space around and developing from the ‘absolute space’ of nature toward an urban, or abstract, landscape. The paper is in the form of a guide and relates to a park to provide the reader with an imagined space to apply its ideas.  It concludes that we not only orientate and organise space but how it also orientates and organises us.