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I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture from Kingston University in 1993 and an MA in Fine Art from the Wimbledon College of Art in 2013.

I currently produce geometric reliefs whose underlying compositions are based on grids where lines distort and intersect with variable frequencies. These are similar to constructive interference in wave formations or the displacement of lines in moiré patterns. Experimenting with size, angle, and spacing a geometric tertiary pattern is formed from which to create an undulating folded surface.  With regimented precision, lines are mapped from the original drawing and scored onto drafting film before each is hand-folded and the surface nurtured into their final relief.

The process of draw, score, fold and form with regimented precision can last for hours and days sending me into a meditative state until I can physically work no more.  By creating art with a devoted hand projects its humaneness into the space around it and the minds of those who view it.  It also reflects an energy and warmth generated from my daily Buddhist practice.

Although each is formed by its own physical structure and tension the perceptual image is created from light, shadow and reflection. The drafting film used has a matt translucent surface that is able to both absorb and reflect light. Casting light over the landscape of each work creates illusions of geometric shapes in light and darkness that are perceived to shift in movement and depth.  These shifting illusions are further heightened with the movement of the viewer to create a perceptual and emotional response.


To find out more, or to arrange a studio visit, please contact:
e: tony@tonyblackmore.com
t: 07950 148457
Twitter: @tonyblackmore
Instagram: @tonyblackmoreart
Address: City Studios, Unit 2, 30A Borwick Avenue, Walthamstow, London E17 6RA

Current and forthcoming exhibitions

Camberwell Open Studies, Opens Friday 8 December, 6 – 9pm and continues for the weekend 12 – 6pm.  Coldharbour Studios, 26 – 34 Southwell Rd, SE5 9PG.

Sacred Geometry, St-Peters-in-the-Forest Church, Woodford New Road, London. Ongoing by appointment only.

Selected exhibitions

2017 / A Many-Sided Thing – a residency of collaborations, / Wimbledon Gallery, London
2017 / Folded Geometries / Walthamstow Village Window Gallery / London
2017 / Talented Art Fair / Trueman Brewery / London
2016 / On our Way to Where, with ‘Drawing Connections / hARTslane Project Space / London
2016 / GX Revolving Gallery / GX Gallery / London
2015 / Making Waves, Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, London
2015 / Static Motion, Orso Major Gallery, London
2015 / Camberwell Open
2015 – E17 Arts Trail / Open House, London
2013 – Down the Dori / Tokyo Wondersite, Tokyo
2012 – Wunderkammer / The Nunnery, London
2012 – TRUST/ Morden Hall Park, London